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In the beginning I will work with you, your architect and interior designer to develop your landscape goals. During this time I’ll get to know more about you and your lifestyle. We will look at photos, magazines or other resources depicting the design style that you prefer. We will talk about what types of attributes you want in your landscape, your entertaining style and how you wish to actually use the space. After much discussion and research, I will develop some ideas to incorporate into your landscape to make it beautiful as well as functional.

Site Analysis & Design Research:
During this time I study the existing documents you may have such as survey plans and architectural plans, measure the site, and analyze the sites potential. If you live in a community with an Association, I will research its codes, covenants, and restrictions as well as the City’s requirements and then determine their effects on the project.

Site Planning:
I will determine the best location for landscape features such as pools, spas, water features, sport courts, patios, arbors, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and walks. I consider view opportunities, sun orientation, your home’s floor plan and other assets of the property.

Preliminary Plans:

After much research and discussion with you, I will prepare a detailed preliminary landscape plan that clearly illustrates your personal design. This is an important stage and can require more discussion to ensure that the design functions well for you in addition to looking beautiful. During this phase material selections are discussed such as stone, brick, tile, as well as color choices and potential plant palettes. After the preliminary plan meets your approval, I will proceed with your construction documents.

Prepare plans for the Design Review Boards (DRB) approval if required:

Different levels of construction documents are required for different Homeowner Associations. I will have construction documents prepared and provided as required by your association. Often these plans are submitted with your architectural plans when building or remodeling your home.


Construction Bid Phase:

I will provide you and your contractors with precise finished sets of plans and detailed construction documents so that you can start receiving accurate and competitive bids. After comparing the bids you can begin choosing who you want to install the project. You can receive bids from the competent contractors that I work with or receive bids from contractors of your choosing.

The finished plans may include demolition plans, construction, drainage, lighting, irrigation and planting plans, and any necessary specifications and details.

Construction and Installation Assistance:

I’m always accessible for contractors to reach by phone or they can stop by and ask me questions. I can also make site visits when necessary in order to check on the landscape installation. I believe in seeing each project through to its completion.


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