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The following quotes are from the LATC’s (California Landscape Architects Technical Committee) web site: www.latc.ca.gov

How does one qualify to be a Licensed Landscape Architect vs. a Garden Designer?
“In order to practice Landscape Architecture in California individuals must be licensed by the state. Licensure requires six years of combined education and experience in the field of landscape architecture and demonstrating competency by passing the licensing examination.” A Garden designer can be anyone with or without an education and does not have license to practice landscape architecture. You may need a Landscape Architect because they have some of the additional technical competency required for irrigation, drainage, erosion control, electrical lighting, and retaining walls and some structural engineering. The new Assembly Bill No. 1881 will require anyone pulling permits for new construction or a remodel to submit a “Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet,” a “soil management report,” a landscape plan that contains a “statement of compliance” with the State and City’s criteria regarding the efficient use of water, an “irrigation design plan” that meets the State and City’s criteria, a “grading design plan,” and a “Certificate of Completion.” This AB 1881 adds a lot of technical expertise required from your Landscape Architect beginning in the year 2010.

Individual’s who say they provide Landscape Architectural services but cannot provide a license are committing fraud. A contractor’s license, although important, is completely different from a Landscape Architect’s license.

What should I ask my Landscape Architect when I interview him/her?
“Be sure that you give exactly the same information to each Landscape Architect. This will allow each of them to base their project proposals on the same criteria. You should begin the interview by asking the person you are considering to do the design if he or she has a California license to practice, and get the license number. This number can be verified on the LATC (Landscape Architectural Technical Committee) website. You should also ask if this person has insurance, and if so, what type.”
They should be able to provide you with their certificate of insurance upon your request.

You may also want to ask about the Landscape Architects Previous Experience.
• May you have a complete list of previous clients, not just a select few?
• Verify the licensure of the individual Landscape Architect. Verification can easily be done on the LATC web site.

Your Licensed Landscape Architect should have a legal contract for you to sign. This protects you and provides you the assurance that the Landscape Architect will provide the services that are detailed in the contract. There should not be any financial “add-ons” or surprises except for what is written in the contract.

For more detailed information regarding Licensed Landscape Architects in California, please visit this California State Government website at:


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